• IJ_Beeld_Healing




Energy flows where intention goes. Everything is energy and it is everywhere. Most people don’t realize it but everyone has the potency to heal and to heal others. You can be surprised about this. Giving a healing is like receiving a healing, it is really beautiful how this works.

There are many kinds of healing techniques. A few ones we like to work with are:

  • Tonglen
  • Reconnective healing
  • Reiki (and shamanic Reiki)
  • Magnetism
  • Personal clearing
  • Massage
  • Space clearing
  • Intuitive healing

We encourage everyone to learn about healing work, to experience it and to discover their own potential in this. We also give workshops to help people to discover their own healing abilities. Everyone can make a positive contribution to healing the world and we need more healers.

Peace and Love