What are inner journeys?

Everyone has experiences of inner journeys, there are many different ones and they all have their own aspects. Actually our whole life is an inner journey, because everyone lives their life from their own perspective, we all experience it solely from our own point of view, so we all are having our own inner journey. In spite of the fact we all have our own individualistic inner experience, we are also interconnected with each other and everything else, we meet each other on our journeys, however we all have but our own personal experience in this.

There are countless moments in which we make deep inner journeys.
Think about dreaming for example, we often have the most adventurous and profound experiences while we are sleeping, but when we wake up we often think of it as nothing but a dream. Sometimes our thoughts wander while day dreaming or during recondite moments of thought processes. We are actually having a journey in between thoughts then and sometimes we totally forget where we are.

When we have clear moments during spiritual practices like mediation for example, we are making an inner journey. When we practice mediation we are training ourselves to focus our senses inwardly and the more we familiarise ourselves with these practices the more able we become to get in a state of deep mediation. It’s an inner journey within.

When we meditate and focus ourselves we can train our consciousness to look inwardly. But there are other ways to influence our mind, our consciousness as well as our mind is closely connected to our body. When we drink coffee, for example, our body gets affected by the effect of the caffeine and our spirit will be affected by the changed metabolism in the body. There are countless things we consume that influence our body and eventually our mind in a similar way.

Pachamama (Mother Earth) has varied species of entheogenic plants available for us and there are numerous spiritual traditions based on the use of these different types of entheogenic plants. Traditions that often go back in time thousands of years and in most cases it’s not even known how far back these old traditions really go.

In the modern era of the western world there are more and more people, including scientists, who see the positive values of these traditions and customs.

Inner journeys are probably as old as humanity itself.